My new life as a transexual

Yes, there is a sexual aspect to crossdressing. I think that anyone who tells you differently is either lying, in denial, or fibbing to protect their significant others.

Oh, this is going to get really personal. When I started this blog about my transgender journey I did make it a point to be honest. Sometimes brutally honest. (I do want to point out that i sometimes avoid certain details to protect my family and myself, not in an effort to present untruths. That would not be fair to anyone and would turn this journal into a pointless exercise)

So here it goes….

I get turned on seeing myself en femme. I get turned on by woman’s clothing in general. I don’t consider this a fetishistic act because I don’t crossdress just for the sexual kick of it. I do it to feel good, to feel feminine and to express that side of myself as a woman. However, the sexual charge I get has diminished slightly. It changes to more of a warmth and comfortable feeling the longer I stay female. More like the afterglow of orgasm.

More recently I am also finding that I have a more feminine way of looking at my sexual relationship with my wife. Not lesbian, just feminine. She turns me on. She is my focus. I feed off of her sexual energy and return it fully. It’s more intense and more fulfilling then anything I can express. I no longer need to achieve climax if I know she has been satisfied. To me that is pure love.

There are other aspects to my sexuality that transness has changed or altered. Those things are either too personal right now or best left for another time. I hope you understand.


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