My new life as a transexual

Crossdresser, or what?

I was reading some of the information on and came across the term transgenderist. Their definition is one who presents themselves as androgynous but lives as either male of female depending on preference or circumstance. That sort of defines me most of the time. However, I get a mental picture of some half male,half female gunslinger riding into town. Or some androge magician waving his wand, “now he’s a man…swish…now she’s a woman”.

This led me to think a bit more about how I think of myself as a trans person. Am I just a crossdresser or something else? I’ve decided that I am more dual gendered (bi-gendered sounds like it could be confused with bi-sexual). I would like to live life in both genders. That’s my medium term goal. After that who knows.

So for now I’ll stay with crossdresser. Crossdresser seems more friendly. Dual-gendered sounds almost like some trans superhero’s special powers. I don’t think I’m ready to jump into a phone booth and come out Rachel, The Trans Defender. However, I do have a thing for spandex……


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