My new life as a transexual

Pet peeve #1

I’ve been perusing a number of CD and transexual websites and blogs the past couple of days. On a number of those sites there are woman who talk about the CD or MTF in their lives that seem to have one thing in common. Their trans person has one little aggravating habit, their uber femme refuses to do anything that might break a nail.

PLEASE STOP NOW! I know several trans women that actually own more power tools than they did before they transitioned. They are competent and self sufficient. The kind of qualities I want my own daughter to have. There are times that i can be as femme as they come but I still rise to the occasion to kill a bug or fix a leaky faucet. Genetic women have fought for a long time to obtain equality. Don’t trivialize their struggle. If you truly want to be a woman you must embrace those things that modern woman do. Dont turn into a Barbie! Your wife, girlfriend, daughter or SO will appreciate it.


Comments on: "Pet peeve #1" (1)

  1. I can only say one thing in response to this….


    Thank you for seeing it from our point of view. You rock my world.

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