My new life as a transexual

Really really quick. I did a bit of mall ratting yesterday while waiting for my glasses to be fixed. I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to the folks at Macy’s, Anne Taylor, Sephora, and White House/Black Market. Even though I was presenting most male, the sales people treated my nicely and with respect. The helped me find some really nice things and trying them on was no problem. In Anne Taylor I even noticed another trans woman shopping there (she clocked me as trans by the way).
Bravo to these stores and their employees. It’s hard enough being trans without being hassled trying to make an honest purchase. I will be a customer for life. Although a bit poorer :-). Ok, everything I bought was on sale.
-Rachel “The Frugal CD”


Comments on: "Really quick post. Some shout outs" (1)

  1. This makes me smile – so many times I’ve been stared at and glared at and even told I was not in the right department. It’s hard enough not having the right body to fit those clothes (gender aside, nobody can really fit them anyway), so when that one person is helpful to you it makes it a much less scary experience.

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