My new life as a transexual

Sexy, single, and trans

Wow two posts in one day, a new record! I thought this deserved it’s own posting even though it is part or my trip to see my dad.

My dad is almost settled into the assisted living facility. While he is there I have been staying at his home. The place will have to be sold eventually so I have been cleaning it up. Luckily for me I have been able to be more myself. I brought whatever casual clothes I had plus I hit Target in town for some workout clothes and tees. For the most part I have been living as a single woman the last week. I can say with all certainty that if it came to it I could live this way after transition. The only drawback has been that I have to present as my dad’s son when I visit him. At an average of 112 degrees every day I would rather be in a maxi dress or one of my skirts and a cami instead of cargo shorts and t shirts. Plus my aunt and uncle on my mom’s side live here as well. They have seen fit to invite me to dinner every night. Since they don’t know it means more boy less girl for me.

Still I have made a little time for myself. The other night I came home from dinner and got glamorous. I tried a more exotic look with my makeup. Once my eyes were looking very sexy, I got out my wig and a black sheath dress that is slit up the side. Capping off the outfit were my black stiletto pumps and my mom’s pearls; which I had found when cleaning. I lit almost a dozen tea candles to add a romantic mood. Then I opened a bottle of red wine which I drank out if one of my parent’s crystal flutes. A little Katy Perry and Lady Gaga pumping on the stereo made for a perfect evening.

I got a bit buzzed on the wine and started dancing around the living room. It was pure heaven. I did end up getting a little drunk though. Being drunk, tired, and alone was not a good combination.

Before I burned the place down I put out the candles and went to take off my makeup. Instead, I spent a tipsy hour talking to myself with the best girl voice I’ve been able to do. Most likely it was the wine talking. I practiced a bunch of expressions in the mirror. Some of which where a bit flirty and sexy. It was a good thing for me that I stayed home. I might have gotten myself in a bit of trouble had I gone to one of the bars in town. Instead I stopped prancing in front if the mirror and crashed in bed.

I paid for it a bit this morning having a slight hangover. But, I still have a half bottle of wine left and 2 more days to go. The candles will come out again and so will Rachel in all her glory. I’m not going to waste another romantic evening before going home.


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