My new life as a transexual

My public “outing”

I finally broke down and took the day off to have some medical tests done. They should have been done weeks ago but circumstances did not permit it. Because I take blood pressure medication as well as spironolactone my doctor and endocrinologist are worried about my potassium and serum protein levels. Potassium messes with my heart, and serum protein levels are indicators of kidney function. Both were very high a few months ago. If my kidneys are having trouble my endo will not allow me to take estrogen and might take me off spiro. Not good.

So I dressed in a salmon v neck t-shirt and a navy pleated skirt. Because my appointment was at 11:00am I decided to get my hair trimmed first. I had been trying to grow my hair out but the wife was not
liking it one bit. I can understand why. It was getting harder to look like a guy at home. Anyhow the ends needed trimming and evening out.

My hair dresser has known for about 6 months that I am trans. So it was no big deal when I showed up at the salon en femme. When I mentioned what I needed done she got to work. I think we chatted too much because my hair got shorter than I had initially wanted it. Two things went through my mind; oh lord how long is it going to take to grow it back? and how am I going to look like a woman until it does? Well, my hairdresser knows her stuff. She dried it and fluffed it a bit and amazingly it was a really cute girl cut. Short but cute. Satisfied I hopped in the car for the drive to the medical center.

First I hit the supermarket nearby for some water and a bite to eat. I think I freaked out an older woman when I picked up a case of bottled drinking water with less effort than the store clerk helping her out. I grabbed some sliced apples and checked out. I took the opportunity to practice my girl voice on the cashier. Not too bad. I remembered to smile and be polite. Believe me both go a long way when trying to pass. I ate my apple slices and drank some water on the way to the medical office.

Ok, I checked in at the desk and handed the clerk my insurance card. He asked to see a photo ID. I got a strange look when he tried to compare my driver’s license photo to
me. He then handed everything back along with a urine specimen jar and instructed me on where to go next. I went upstairs and sat in a crowded room waiting for my blood pressure test. A woman came in the room a bit later and called out my birth name, the more masculine form. I got up and everyone turned to look. Even though I prepared myself for this kind of situation it was still embarrassing. The woman who called my name looked at me standing in front of her and she called it out again. More stares. I said “I’m “. She blushed really bad and appologized as she led me to a private cube. As she took my blood pressure she asked how long it had been since I started dressing as a woman. I explained that I had started my transition only about 4 months ago. She said I looked very good and my blood pressure was also considerably better since my last test. Then she gave me a number to call so I could get a new insurance card with Rachel on it. That was a really nice gesture on her part. I was sent back downstairs for the urine sample and a blood test.

By now I was ready to have my name called again. First I hit the designated ladies room for the urine test. Good thing I drank the water before coming there. After the deed was done I sat down yet again to wait. The med tech did the ‘ignore the woman standing in front of him and call out the name again’ thing. Even more stares. Some of disbelief, especially the tech. He also asked for my driver’s license before he would take my blood. With all the tests done and being outed to two different waiting rooms I went to lunch with a friend.

After lunch I went shopping. I bought a nice grey full length winter skirt and my first pair of girl’s skinny jeans. I also found some really cute boots but they were a bit expensive.

On a whim I looked up the office of an electrologist I had researched months ago. Her office was close to the mall I was at so I went to talk to her. I made my first electrolysis appointment for November first. I’ll write about that later.

All in all a fairly productive day. Except for the trip to the medical center I was treated like a woman the entire day. Going out is getting easier and easier. I am also getting more bold using the ladies restrooms and changing rooms. If I decide to go full time I know I can survive as a woman In this world. The greatest gift I have given myself is the confidence that I can live as the person I truly am.


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  1. Hi there,

    If your blood work does not check-out there is no need to panic… there is other antiadrogens then Spiro, that are not Potassium sparring. Some are more expensive and are not necessarily prescribed. In the old days they also just opposed T with high E, nowadays with patches and gels a available that is more easy than then. Specially if you pass already well as female, then its a viable option.
    For the Potassium, I find its less of a problem than reported, this even while living in a dessert climate, where dehydration is a daily issue and not beneficial for K levels.
    But with some care on what you eat I found it easy to manage in myself. Just don’t eat pretzels 😉 or bananas…

    I feel for you about the “outing” issue…I had recently some blood work issues, which brought 4 times to the lab in the last 2 weeks ! Of corse according to my ID – which has to be shown for admission – I am male… hence a complicated issue when testing T & E + P against female ranges… There was always very bold markers on the results sheets since the reference values where all male. We correct this now and I appear as female in the computer system ! Also I am very well known there by now, the nurses, lab technician and lab clinician knows me now by first name basis and make a face when I show up again.
    But none of them do know the exact reason… but who cares as long as I am get treated nicely.
    You have to imagine a 99% asian staff, which show a politeness like you would check into a Foreseasons hotel – Despite the middle east having some cultural difficulties witch trans people – the politeness makes it pretty much a ideal place.

    Hey good luck on your Electrology session !!! I sucks !!!

    A advice from a veteran by now – weekly 3-4h – since may… and its not gonna stop very soon – dense blond/white beard… laser was no-go…
    The advice – do as much as you can before you start E !!! My skin sensitivity has dramatically increased with E’s. Before we increase the E’s to a female level (I was on a low dosage for several month), at that time I tolerated it so well, the initial standard 15min sessions where upped to 45-60min per day, the max every 3-4 day interval was reduced to daily on my request. All without topical anesthetics.. in the electrologists eyes I was a miracle, since I routinely dosed off – ok late in the day appointments after exhausting day.

    Now things have changed, since I am on high E’s I either scream, pee my pants or run away after few minutes without EMLA… Also the hair needs to have a certain length for good efficiency and speed, hence a constant 3-4 day stubble is needed. On high E’s the growth rate is so slow that it took me like 1 week at least to regrow, so I looked most of august and september like a hedgehog, rather then a female – needless to say that it sucked. The bright side was, that my blond hair is nearly invisible at a few feet distance.
    At least now its so little that its no a issue anymore.

    But again – it sucks ! But it added a kind of welcome transition progress and routine to my days… I go now 3-4 times a week mid day, like 2pm… the place is 10min from my office and home and I usually retreat to home after the session and work from there 1-2h before heading out again – just to let it “cool-off” a bit.
    Make sure to buy some of this medical ice packs, so that you can put them on your face afterwards… it helped me tremendously.

    Also a good sun tan before helped me to conceal the redness after the session… it made much less obvious. But that is more easy for me – with 360 day per year of tropical sun.

    Even its a torment, it will make you feel good, since its a very noticeable step forwards.


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