My new life as a transexual

I have passed another milestone in my transition. My first electrolysis session. I had researched laser and electrolysis and electrolysis has a long track record of success.

I did ask a couple of trans women for advice. A few recommended taking Vicodin before I went. Unfortunately Vicodin gives me really bad stomach cramps. I took 3 extra strength Tylenol instead. My tolerance for pain is very high so I thought it would be enough.

I talked to the electrologist for a bit before she started. She explained the procedure and showed me the probe and the machine. Then I filled out some paperwork and we got started. One thing I have to remember is that I have to let my beard grow a bit before I go again (I cringe at the thought but it has to be done). I wanted to start under my chin at first. I was told that was a good spot to start since it is less noticeable. Well I didn’t leave enough stubble there for her to work with. So she started on the area below my lower lip. Definitely not the place I would chosen but I can say I’m glad to get some of that part out of the way. Since pain is subjective all I can say is that the lower lip hurts more than the chin. The pain is similar to a pinch. One friend said it was a lot like getting a tattoo. I personally prefer the results from electrolysis.

One thing I just don’t understand. Why do people insist on carrying on a conversation when you can’t respond. Every dentist I’ve gone to engages in small talk that usually requires a response. This occurs abound the time that you mouth is filled with tools and fingers. Have electrolysis is not much different. The electrologist was asking me about my transition and my family all the while she is pulling on my lip and stretching the skin around it. Plus the process itself wasn’t very conducive to conversation.

One last thing, even though I only have small areas that are hair free, I LOVE it. The skin is so soft and smooth. I cannot wait to schedule my next session. No pain no gain.


Comments on: "My baptism of fire…I mean electricity" (1)

  1. Rachel,

    Great step 🙂 !! Uahh… you started on your lower lip first, that is is like diving right into it, I found it to be the most sensitive area, beside upper lip. The rest will almost by itself.

    Only thing is, at first I was not sensitive at all, but after 2-3 month I started to get super sensitive… I linked my increased pain to the increase in estrogens and decrease of testosterone, or maybe it is all just psychological.

    Oh yes, this people can be chatty, like taxi drivers :-). But my two “girls” are great, early thirties and super to chat with, they have become very good friends and we even call each other “off duty” from time to time.
    My electrology place is great, it has more of a 5 start Spa then a medical office. The room lights dim down and they have in each room a TV high up on the wall, which usually around my time has some cooking channel on, which both the electrologist and me enjoy watching.

    For me electrolysis has become like a ritual and when I can’t make it there I miss it, despite the pain, its just a steady reminder of progress and transition to me !

    My skin got so soft too, part because electrolysis part because of HRT, I completed a first full face pass after about 2-3 month, until then the result is great. Now I had over a month break, just to get the dormant hair to grow again, now I feel like going back to square one.
    They predict it will take about 3 such cycles…


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