My new life as a transexual

I have a big post coming thanks to a spark ignited by several of you out there in the blogosphere. But I wanted to take a short break. So here it goes.

1. The iPhone IS the official phone of the transgendered. Get a bunch of us in a room and count the phones. 95% will some version of Steve Job’s legacy. Yes, I have one too. I got it two years ago. I guess I should have known then how this was going to turn out.

2. Nearly every video or computer game you have seen or played had at least one transgendered person work on it. They might not be out but give it time. I worked for nearly 12 years in the industry so i have a bit of experience with this. The first transexual I knew sat across the isle in a cube diagonal from mine. I knew her when she was he. Actually when he became herself it bothered me intensely and I had no idea at the time why. The second woman I met who transitioned (long story but I can’t think of her as anything but a woman, you know who you are 🙂 ) offered me a job once when we were both someone else. The offer might have fallen through but for some reason we made a connection then. Now she is one of my dearest friends and I love her to death. Probably because she saved me from it. I am the third trans woman to come from that company. Looking back I almost wish I would have been able to transition there. I mean I worked for two years there wearing panties and thongs and nobody knowing at all. More recently as fate would have it, I had the pleasure of meeting the fourth one of us. It turns out she was working on her last project with the company which was my first project. We never met at that time. But I don’t believe it was coincidence we met after almost 14 years. Her almost 5 years into her transition and me only 11 months into mine.

Four of us from one game company; the odds are staggering. That I am the common denominator is even more inconceivable. My wife and kids loved that I worked there. It was the coolest job I’ve ever had. My kids always bragged that I was the dad their friends wanted their dads to be.

Right now as I type this up on a phone that reminds me I’m trans, reminiscing about my old job which now has a trans connection, I can’t help but laugh that the coolest dad at my kid’s school turned out to be a pretty cool woman too.


Comments on: "Stuff I needed to get out before I forget again" (2)

  1. Haaa, you caught me ! Avid iThings user :-).

    But I have not even once in my life touched a video game, let alone worked on one.
    Ok, I have played Tetris on a old first generation GameBoy, but that is about it.

    And in my job, I met a trans person about 23 years ago the last time 😦 and I have been nearly once around the globe with my work until I settled into the middle east out of choice.
    The only other transgendered people I ever saw where one women in my late teens in the city I grew up… but never met her in person and the online contacts.

    I think its great to work in a place with oder variant people, there is so much to learn and to gain from one another, so I do envy you.

    So now I am looking forwards to you big post coming up !!

    Me I am going to work, even doe for us its sunday morning 😦


  2. I have a Mango Windows Phone. Always suspected I wasn’t a real transsexual. 😉 On the other hand, I do have an iPad and am typing this on my brand new Mac. So, um, something.

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