My new life as a transexual


I noticed something this morning while driving to work. I had to take the wife’s car for various reasons so moved some of my stuff out of my car. I had a pair of ballet flats in my bag. I was changing from my guy shoes to my tennis shoes while at a stop light. The light had turned green and I went before I got my flats on.

Let me just say that in all my years of driving I hated driving barefoot or in sandals. I never understood how anyone could drive that way. I also had stick shift cars with racing clutches. They are way easier to drive with shoes.

This morning however, was different. For some reason I like the feeling of the pedals beneath my bare feet. It was sensuous in a way. It’s hard to describe. So today I will drive home barefoot and loving it. For me it’s the only way to go for a casual drive. For speed though nothing beats 4in stiletto heels.



Comments on: "Driving" (1)

  1. Speeding in 4inches?!? Lol, awesome post 🙂

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