My new life as a transexual

Today of all days

This weekend was kind of lame. I pulled weeds, cleaned house, worried about the future. There was a nice bright spot in all of this though.

My older son went to his first homecoming dance with his first girlfriend. I met her and she is adorable. My son is very lucky to have found her. This dance also brought my wife and daughter together to plan his outfit and make the corsage. They both worked up to the last minute to make things perfect. My wife hemmed his pants like a possessed seamstress. My daughter worked frantically on the corsage for two days. It was amazing, simple looking yet complex and elegant at the same time. The girlfriend loved all of it. Mission accomplished.

I got to drive my son to meet his date at her father’s house. This scared me a little. I would be meeting the father of his date in a dad to dad situation. A situation made more difficult by the fact that I look more like mom. My wife dreads these things too. She thinks that the mothers and fathers of my kids’ friends or dates may not want their children associating with my because of me. Well this meeting went pretty good. I did find myself at times falling into the old ‘guy’ self again. It was a little weird trying to talk about our high school days. We were both trying to romanticize a time in both our lives which was probably more awkward and geeky than either of us cared to admit.

While we were trying to forget our geeky school pasts; our children were embracing theirs. For them geek is not a stigma. They can both love video games and sci fi movies and not be shunned for it. Our kids take on their right to get dressed up and go dancing. Boy, they look good doing it too.

So here were two kids nervous at the prospect of having their first formal date. I remember the butterflies in my stomach the first (and only) dance I went to. Her hands were shaking a bit trying to pin on his buttoneer. His hands almost refused to function trying to tie her corsage on her wrist. It was an adorable seen. The obligatory pictures were taken amid smiles and nervous laughter. In the end there stood a cute young couple and two beaming fathers. I can say at that moment I was proud to be a dad.

I relinquished my son into their care and drove home. I couldn’t wait to get home and show my wife the pictures. She had to hear about how handsome our son looked and how beautiful and radiant his girlfriend looked. At a stop light about halfway home a thought struck me. If two geeky kids can date and hang out without fear of getting bullied or teased how long would it be before gay or trans kids will be afforded the same freedom? The way things are going in our society I can see a time where a trans boy could attend the same dance with his cis girlfriend. Or even a trans girl going with her lesbian girlfriend. I hope that time is not too far away.


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  1. The world is truly getting better. Maybe someday…..:)

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